I was first introduced to ACHIEVE late last year and from then on, I developed a big trust on their endeavor to look after the welfare of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW), who might have gone through some rough times in foreign lands due to being infected with HIV. For many people I know who have experienced being chained and locked-up in a facility, being prevented from pursuing their employment in that country, being eventually deported and placed in the immigration blacklist, ACHIEVE is a refuge to them or should I say to us...

I was diagnosed with HIV in 2004, while I was working as a waiter in Saudi Arabia. I was placed in a hospital quarantine for about two weeks and eventually deported back to the Philippines. While back in the Philippines, I met other former migrant workers who were also deported from various countries due to their HIV status. Thru Pinoy Plus Association and ACHIEVE, I interacted with them and learned that some of them also experienced being put in isolation and detention. Just like me, they did not know what to do and whom to go for help.

I am a former migrant domestic worker. I worked for six years in Singapore. In 1998, I returned home to the Philippines, for good. Since then, I had been involved in activities of various NGOs on migration, health and HIV issues. My involvement with ACHIEVE started in 2004. I participated in various trainings and workshops they offered for migrant worker returnees like me, such as the gender and sexuality workshops, advocacy and communication skills building trainings and basic research training, among others.