About Us

Core Values

  • Respect for the intrinsic dignity of all people
  • Respect for diversity of ethnicity, age, gender, sexuality, health status and culture
  • Accountability to communities
  • Recognition and valuation of the involvement of community partners
  • Professionalism in executing the mission and goals of the organization; in the staff’s dispensation of duties and responsibilities; and in relating with partners
  • Resourcefulness, critical thinking, rigor and innovativeness in organizational and program management
  • Honest, open, responsive and participatory communication at all levels within the organization
  • Teamwork, cooperation and collectivity within the organization
  • Recognition of the contribution of the staff and commitment to ensure their professional development and growth
  • Regard for the health and well-being of the staff of the organization.
  • Commitment to the cause and purpose of the organization.
  • Stewardship of the organization’s resources.