Developing Interventions to Address Stress and Mental Health Problems among Women Migrant Workers

funded by: 
the European Commission- United Nations (EC-UN) Joint Migration and Development Initiative

This project aims to generate evidence on the mental health issues and concerns of women migrant workers, with particular focus on domestic and household workers, for purposes of designing rights-based, gender-responsive interventions. The activities include: i) conduct of an action research involving a national survey and case studies to generate indicative data on mental health issues of women migrants, focusing on structural and individual determinants in overseas employment that affect their psycho-social state and well-being; ii) development of a package of prototype interventions addressing the identified determinants in overseas employment to alleviate mental health problems among Filipino women migrant workers; and, iii) conduct of pilot training course on crisis intervention and counseling addressing mental health problems of women migrant workers for frontline personnel of service provider institutions from both government and civil society organizations (CSOs). This project is being implemented in partnership with the Vrije Universiteit-Metamedica Health Care and Culture (VUMHCC) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.