Projects & Activities

I. Programme Areas and Objectives

1. Migration and Health
  • To institutionalize migration and health as a specific area of concern in the policies and programmes of key government agencies and relevant CSOs. Specific areas of concern: sexual and reproductive health (SRH), mental health, and HIV and AIDS. 

2. Gender and sexuality
  • To contribute to and enrich the discourse on gender and sexuality issues in relation to migration
  • To promote a healthy and positive outlook on gender and sexuality among young people
  • To address gender and sexuality issues of people living with HIV
3. HIV and AIDS
·         To contribute to the national and regional (Asia-Pacific) HIV response, particularly in scaling up HIV prevention and mitigation of the impact of HIV and AIDS
II. Strategies
ACHIEVE, Inc. aims to address the above key programme areas through the following strategies:
2.1 Conduct of participatory action researches to inform its advocacy and programme development work
2.2 Advocacy for development and implementation of responsive and relevant policies and programmes
2.3 Development and implementation of institutional and community-based projects
2.4 Capacity building of partner institutions and communities including, but not limited to, perspective development, skills building and attitude enhancement 
2.5 Networking, partnership building and facilitation of linkages between and among stakeholders and communities