Reducing HIV-Related Stigma and Discrimination through Policy Review and Advocacy and Building Media Competency

funded by: 
Levi Strauss Foundation

This project aims to undertake a review of relevant laws and policies that impact on experiences of stigma and discrimination of people living with HIV and marginalized communities. In particular, it will assess the utilization of PLHIVs of the Philippine AIDS Prevention and Control Act of 1998 (RA 8504), specifically the provisions related to testing, confidentiality and discriminatory acts and policies. It will also undertake a review of relevant sections of the Revised Penal Code, i.e., Article 202 or the Anti-Vagrancy Act, and Anti-Trafficking Act (RA 9208) and their impact on HIV-prevention efforts among sex/entertainment workers. Such reviews will be the basis for further stigma-reduction initiatives and actions, including the establishment of redress mechanisms and crafting of policy recommendations.
Apart from the broader policy reviews, ACHIEVE will also address the role of the media in addressing stigma and discrimination against PLHIVs. A Situation Analysis Report (SAR) on Trends and Patterns in HIV-related media reporting from 2006-2010 will be produced. This report will identify issues, gaps, and challenges in media reporting on HIV and AIDS and will also propose subsequent actions and responses.
Lastly, the project will undertake capacity building activities. One will involve enhancing the skills of print and broadcast media practitioners on sensitive HIV-related reporting and the other will involve building the capacity of PLHIV in two competencies: participatory action research and advocacy (policy and media). It is envisaged that the trained PLHIVs will be better equipped to undertake research and advocacy activities, not just with ACHIEVE, but with their respective organizations.