RETA 6143: Supporting Women at-risk and Vulnerable to HIV in the Philippines

funded by: 
Asian Development Bank (ADB) through PRIMEX, 2008-2009

This pioneering study on female seafarers was carried out by ACHIEVE, through the Lead Consultant, PRIMEX, Inc. The study aimed to identify the risks and vulnerabilities of female seafarers to reproductive health problems, especially to HIV infection and identify the gender-related barriers as well as opportunities to promote reproductive health among the females in the seafaring industry, and to come up with recommendations that will enhance the gender-responsiveness of current policies and education and advocacy programs and services for seafarers and other migrant workers.
The initial results of the research showed that health and medical benefits are not responsive to the reproductive health needs of women e.g. absence of contraceptives on board; there are work-related gender biases, such as the lack of a toilet for females in cargo vessels; female seafarers also engage in risky sexual behaviors, e.g. unprotected sex.